fine silver jewellery

fine silver jewellery

fine silver jewelleryfine silver jewelleryfine silver jewellery

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Wrapped in Silver is about natural raw jewellery.  It's not about a shining perfection, in fact, its proudly imperfect;  finding beauty in things that have depth and perhaps flaws and chips but with a story to tell or character to reveal. 

 No two pieces are the same and are made-to-order.

About five years ago I discovered silver metal clay,  a Japanese material, that contains millions of tiny fine silver particles which when fired with a torch or a kiln transforms into 99.9% fine solid silver. It's both alchemy and a  magical experience! 

As a result of intensive training courses and having achieved  Levels 1 and 2 Art Silver Clay Diploma, I design and  make fine silver jewellery and teach workshops. 


I  enjoy teaching workshops in this amazing medium and in which to share an exciting, fun, creative and mindful experience.  And you get to leave my workshops wearing your own fine silver jewellery!  


Each piece of jewellery is mindfully designed with the characteristic of the crystal. Working with silver metal clay, they are individually sculpted into bold fine silver rings and pendants. All silver is 99.9% fine precious silver, hallmark quality. You can choose a crystal,  a colour you love or an area you want to help increase vibrations and your piece/s will be sized, designed and made-to-order.  


What a shame when a beautiful ceramic object gets broken and is no longer functional. Embracing the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi and the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent or incomplete, I construct the broken pieces into new shapes and wrap them in fine silver to transform them into wearable jewellery.  


Silver clay has such wonderful qualities so that stunning pieces can be made by celebrating natural silver with embellishments if preferred.  Pure and simple.

Lis Moon, Wrapped in Silver

With thanks to Rebecca at for a photography masterclass!